Aviatrix Games is an indy roleplaying game design boutique. Our games are thoughtful, fun, and emotional.


Aviatrix Games is the brainchild of Catherine Ramen. She got her start with Dungeons and Dragons in 1981 and hasn't looked back.

Our Games

Red Carnations on a Black Grave

A storygame of resistance


Since it seems that all hearts which beat for liberty only have the right to a bullet, I demand it for myself! If you let me live, I will not cease to cry out for vengeance…I am finished…if you are not cowards, kill me…

—Louise Michel

For just over two months in 1871, the Paris Commune tried to make an egalitarian, socialist state a reality despite disagreement within their walls and attacks from outside it.

This is the story of 12 Communards, their messy personal lives and their attempts to create a utopia in the face of impending death. How far would you go for what you believe in? Would you stand firm even if it meant your death?

Red Carnations on a Black Grave is a card-driven freeform game very much in the spirit of Montsegur: 1244 and Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne.

Currently in playtesting.


A retro Space Opera hack of World of Dungeons: Turbo


It’s a big galaxy all right, but most folks are content to sit in the mud at the bottom of a gravity well, selling each other widgets and busted dreams. Not us--we’re OUT THERE, making a living with our wits, fists, and guts, looking for the next system and the big score. They call us pirates, mercenaries or worse, but we call ourselves Rovers and the galaxy is ours for the taking. As long as the Empire doesn’t catch up with us…

Rovers is a light-spirited hack of John Harper's World of Dungeons: Turbo that recalls Traveller® and other golden age games of making a living on the edge of respectability.

Players portray scruffy anti-heroes taking dangerous and possibly illegal jobs to earn the money to support their wild, freebooting lifestyle. The rules include everything you need for extended sandbox play, including starship design, world generation, and trade rules.

Rovers includes a checklist to help you build your own interstellar Empire. Will it be a vibrant young empire, a new empire built on the ashes of a fallen predecessor, or a collapsing and decadent playground of the corrupt? And just why does the Empire like swords so much?

Rovers is a free download released under a Creative Commons license.

Midnight at the Oasis

A story game of queer culture


New York City in the 1990s was home to a club and party scene that only gathered strength despite the attempts of the Giuliani administration to crack down on them. But while the avant garde collected at the electronica venues of Tunnel, Limelight, and Mother, there were other, quieter, party nights, catering to all kinds of subcultures...

Midnight at the Oasis is a story game about the crossdressing subculture as it existed during the 1990s, a look into a world that has been forever changed.

The characters are regulars at restaurant/bar that has a crossdressing-themed night once a week. And then one night an old friend walks into the bar and challenges everyone's beliefs...

Midnight at the Oasis was published in the Gauntlet's Codex magazine and is available by buying that edition on DriveThruRPG.

Nerves of Steel

A Film Noir Story Game


The clock was somewhere between far too late and far too early. I was sitting in my office with a chewed-up cigarette in my mouth, a glass of whiskey in front of me and two in my stomach...

Nerves of Steel (Nerver av stål) is a story game by the Swedish designer Simon Pettersson, presented here in an English edition edited and expanded by Catherine Ramen

Using unique story-telling rules, 3 to 4 players can create their own classic era film noir in a few hours: a world of grey and black, populated by tarnished heroes, ruthless gangsters, and amoral femme fatales.

This edition includes optional rules to tackle the "neo-noir" of the 1970s and later, plus expanded material on the sources and influences of film noir.

Nerves of Steel is a free download released under a Creative Commons license.


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